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STEM Careers Night


Careers Night

STEM Careers Night introduces high school students to professionals in the STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). Tuolumne County graduates share their real-world experiences and advice with participants to help them discover potential education pathways and careers.

“Instead of asking how you can choose a career that will ensure you are ‘future ready’, ask if the future is ready for you – what does the world need, and how can you co-create the future you choose?”

Claire Janish & Jessica Berliner

Biomimicry Professionals

STEM Careers Night

October 10, 2022
6 PM – 8 PM
Online Via Zoom

Event Contact

Tricia Dunlap

STEM Careers Night


“I enjoyed the information given about college paths/career diversity.”

Summerville High Senior

“Great speakers last night, I was really impressed by a few of them. If any kid had an ounce of STEM interest, they certainly walked away motivated.”

Mark Lynch

Gold Rush Charter School


STEM Professionals

  • Katherine “Kat” Baker
    Sonora High, Class of 2016
    Civil Engineer
  • Samantha Darrin
    Summerville High, Class of 2011
    Nutrition and Food Science
  • Aren Forster
    Sonora High, Class of 2010
    Clinical Medical Assistant, Dermatology
  • Steven Grolle
    Sonora High, Class of 2014
    Mechanical Design Engineer
  • Johanna Jacobi
    Sonora High, Class of 2013
    Manufacturing Engineer
  • Nicolette Nelson
    Summerville High, Class of 2011
    Environmental Science Research Technician
  • Bradly Santi
    Summerville High, Class of 2011