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Arts in the Classroom

2017-2018 Professional Development Series

Take Classes with local artist teachers and workshops with Master teachers from California and Oregon. Earn Units! Peek inside to discover Arts Education based skills that YOU can develop for use in your own classrooms.

COSTS: Classes will be FREE to Participants. Paid for by Artists in Schools matching grants from the California Arts Council, TCSOS, Front Porch, Inc. and The Tuolumne County Arts Alliance.

UNITS: 15 hours will qualify for 1 unit to be paid for by the participant. Teachers must attend all 4 classes in one discipline and one Workshop

Click the “View Details” button on the events below to register or to find out more about each workshop.

2017-2018 Workshops

March 7, 2018$0.00 14 Seats Available

Theater-What’s Your Story?

What’s Your Story? Personal Storytelling Take Classes with local artist...
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March 15, 2018$0.00 13 Seats Available

Music-Children’s Literature that Inspires

Children’s Literature that Inspires “Big Rain Coming” and other stories...
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March 22, 2018$0.00 1 Seats Available

Visual Art-Paper Collage

Paper Collage Special age appropriate projects Take Classes with local...
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April 5, 2018$0.00 14 Seats Available

Dance-I Move How I Feel

I Move How I Feel Expressing feelings through Dance; Composing...
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April 14, 2018$0.00 13 Seats Available

Dance-Special Workshop

This workshop has been rescheduled from its original...
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