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Board Mission and Vision

The Tuolumne County Superintendent of Schools Office desires to provide a comprehensive, research-based curriculum that motivates every student to succeed. The educational program shall provide students with opportunities to attain the skills, knowledge, and abilities they need to be successful in school and develop to their full potential.

We Believe That:

  • Within the framework of a democratic society, that society is best served by an educated citizenry and that educational resources should be available to all persons.
  • Every student should be offered an opportunity for an education which would enable his/her fullest development as a person.
  • Each individual’s educational opportunities should be determined by his/her ability, growth and maturity.
  • The inherent worth of each individual must be of highest consideration in the educational process.
  • The educational process should provide each individual with opportunities to view all facets of a question and to form an opinion based on all probabilities.
  • The educational process should provide each individual the opportunity to appreciate the contributions of all cultural heritages.
  • Education should provide every student with the knowledge necessary to contribute positively toward the betterment of society.

Board Goals for 2019-2020

Goal 1
The Board will adopt its mission, vision and long-range priorities in collaboration with the Superintendent by developing goals and a mission and vision statement for 2019-2020 based on two priorities: engagement and advocacy.

Goal 2
The Board will actively engage in advocacy by encouraging constituents to participate in the LCAP Stakeholder input process through workshops, trainings and/or other community outreach.

Goal 3
The Board will encourage its members to attend district meetings with the intent of promoting workshops, Charter School issues, and education within the county by distributing the new brochure and postcard and possibly sharing a short informational presentation at District meetings.

Goal 4
The Board will facilitate collaboration between local district boards to identify opportunities to create communities of practice.