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Desks by Dads

Tuolumne County Grandpas Building Student Desks for Distance Learning and Beyond

When Lloyd Boldemann learned there were students in Tuolumne County that didn’t have a safe and reliable space to learn at home, he sprung into action, building a dozen custom-built wooden desks inspired by a movement he read about on Facebook.

Mr. Boldemann and his wife, Diane, relocated from San Mateo to Sonora in 2001, opening the franchise Mailboxes, Etc store, later rebranded to The UPS Store. While operating his business, Lloyd learned of the need for crates and started A+ Crate Building. Working mostly with animal transportation companies, he has made crates for birds, tortoises, iguanas, monkeys, zebras, dogs, etc. His containers have shipped all over the world.

With the pandemic upon us, Lloyd wanted to help out in some way. When he learned of the Desk by Dads Project on Facebook, he started building. “Students are having to learn while working together at the kitchen table, on their beds, or the couch. These dads are building desks for students who need them during virtual learning and for a home workspace for when they return to some semblance of normalcy,” declares Mr. Boldemann.

Lloyd has partnered with the Tuolumne County Superintendent of Schools office to help recognize the students with the most need. “We have identified several families that can benefit immensely from Mr. Boldemann’s generosity and are working with the districts of Tuolumne County to get these desks into their homes,” says Tuolumne County Superintendent of Schools Cathy Parker. 

Using his woodworking skills, Lloyd has built desks to donate to our local students and is looking for additional woodworkers to join him in this project. “I know that there are a bunch of old guys like me out there with time and tools on their hands to help out our community,” emphasizes Mr. Boldemann. 

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Lloyd Boldemann stands behind a pair of student desks he built for Tuolumne County students.

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