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Induction Programs

Induction Programs

Tuolumne County Superintendent of Schools works with Regional Partners to provide Induction Services. Below are the partnerships TCSOS currently has in place.

Stanislaus County Office of Education: Administrator Induction Program

Stanislaus County Office of Education provides administrators the opportunity to clear their preliminary administrative service credential through a job-embedded, site-based, individualized mentoring program.


Upon acceptance into the two-year program, candidates are matched with a skilled administrator in a one-on-one coaching partnership.  Candidates develop and implement an Individualized Induction Plan focused on developmental objectives that candidate and coach formulate based on the California Professional Standards for Educational Leaders   Each plan will include elements of professional learning to empower the candidate to continue their own learning as well as activities in which candidates translate their learning into action.  Over the two years of the program, candidates will create an e-Portfolio documenting their leadership growth based on the California Professional Standards for Educational Leaders (CPSEL).

Candidates build their Individualized Induction Plan based on their current assignments and responsibilities with the result that, rather than a potentially disconnected add-on to a busy administrator’s week, the work of the plan is built upon the candidate’s own job and its requirements.

Recommendation to the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) for the Clear Administrative Services Credential marks the certification of a candidate’s completion of all program components.


Candidates are partnered with an experienced administrator who serves as the lead coach for the two-year program term.  This relationship provides personalized mentoring in areas of interest to candidates to build capacity in educational leadership and a trusted colleague to provide support.


The Program is designed to support new administrators in their complex roles and to develop their skills in management and instructional leadership in order to ensure that their teachers are supported in their work and that students receive a high quality education. Specifically, the Program focus will include:

♦ Development and Implementation of a Shared Vision  ♦  Instructional Leadership  ♦  Management and Learning Environment  ♦  Family and Community Engagement  ♦  Ethics and Integrity  ♦  External Context and Policy  ♦

For more information:

Or contact: 

Alison Beech, Director II, 209.238.1338

Stanislaus County Office of Education: Teacher Induction Program

Induction Requirements for the Candidate

Candidates participate in a two-year, individualized, job embedded system of mentoring, support and professional learning that begins in the candidate’s first year of teaching.  Each candidate will be evaluated on competence and growth towards mastery of the California Standards for the Teaching Profession (CSTP).  The candidate is required to work collaboratively with an assigned mentor in order to complete all requirements.  Early Completion Option for “experienced and exceptional” candidates who meet the program’s established criteria is available.

Each year of induction consists of:

  • 1 full day event (Orientation) to draft the ILP and begin the first inquiry cycle, occurring within 60 days of enrollment in induction
  • 3 three-hour events (Inquiry 1, Inquiry 2 and Finale) to revisit the various cycles of inquiry (reflecting, reviewing, revising and drafting)
  • 1 hour per week support of the candidate by the mentor (outside of induction events)
  • 2 observations (minimum) – 1  observation of candidate by mentor and 1 observation of another educator by the candidate
  • At least 1 triad conversation (mentor, administrator and candidate).  More triad conversations may be needed to garner the input on the various inquiry cycles.

The SCOE Induction Program reserves the right to conduct a formal observation of any candidate if deemed necessary.

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For information, contact:
Allison Beech, Program Coordinator at Stan COE, 209.238.1338
Gina Smith, Induction Consultant at Stan COE, 209.238.1303

Clear Induction Administrative Services

The Induction program for the Clear Administrative Services Credential Candidates is a two-year program that utilizes a leadership coaching model (in lieu of coursework) and is tied to the CA Professional Standards for Educational Leaders. Candidates are paired with an experienced administrator who ‘coaches’ the candidate over the two-year period and works one-on-one for an average of 6-8 hours per month. All coaches have been certified in coaching methodology. Candidates also attend targeted professional development activities based on the needs of the candidate.

Both the Preliminary and Clear Administrator Credential Programs are accredited by the CA Commission on Teacher Credentialing.

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