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Teachers: Please complete a registration for each project you are sending to the STEM and History Expo.

Definition : An Invention is a new device, contrivance, or process that was originated after study and experimentation.

  • Minimum Requirements:  A successful Invention must have the following:
    Labeled illustration showing two viewpoints of proposed invention
  • A ‘mock-up’ or prototype construction of all or part of the invention
  • Written portion detailing: materials needed; how invention would be used; how it would be beneficial; and description of intended audience / user of the invention
  • Additional Judging Will Be Based On The Following:
  • Sequential steps in the design process identified, including any problems encountered, and their solutions
  • Research evidence provided that no similar process or product exists
  • The inventor has taken further steps beyond creation: patents applied for, publicity created, etc.
  • The invention uses unique or innovative methodologies in solving the problem or need
  • Drawings or descriptive text clearly describes construction process.
  • Materials required to build the invention are described and specified.
  • Benefits of invention to target users and general public are clearly explained
  • Target audience or users of the invention are identified and have a valid need for the invention
  • Overall invention described clearly
  • Visual Aids promote understanding
  • Prototype is well designed and constructed
  • Function of each part is identified and completely described
  • The Invention is practical in terms of size – cost – materials – etc, for the problem being solved.
  • The invention offers functionality that solves the problem efficiently
  • The Invention addresses a real world problem or need

Invention Rubric