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Call Public Session to Order
Chairperson:  Jeff Winfield, Superintendent, Soulsbyville and Twain Harte School Districts

Flag Salute

Establishment of Quorum

 Invited to Attend

Governing Board:
Marguerite Bulkin – County Superintendent
Brenda Chapman – Superintendent, Jamestown School District
Robert Griffith – Superintendent, Summerville Union High School District
Sharon Johnson – Superintendent, Curtis Creek School District
Mike McCoy – Superintendent, Sonora Union High School District
John Pendley – Superintendent, Belleview and Columbia Union School Districts
Leigh Shampain – Superintendent, Sonora and Summerville School Districts
Dave Urquhart – Superintendent, Big Oak Flat-Groveland Unified School District
Jeff Winfield – Superintendent, Twain Harte and Soulsbyville School Districts

Jim Frost, Executive Director                 Tuolumne County SELPA
Jeanie Smith, Executive Assistant         Tuolumne County SELPA
Lisa Rico, Director, Business                  Tuolumne County Supt. of Schools
Advisory Services

Public Comment

The public may address the board on each of the items on the agenda as those items are addressed.  The board reserves the right to limit the time of presentations by individual and cumulative.  Meeting facilities are accessible to persons with disabilities.  By request, alternative agenda document formats are available to persons with disabilities.  To arrange an alternative agenda document format or to arrange aid or services to modify or accommodate persons with a disability to participate in a public meeting, please provide a written request to:  Marguerite D. Bulkin, County Superintendent at the Tuolumne County Superintendent of Schools Office at least three working days prior to any public meeting.  Parties interested in reviewing public records distributed to the governing board pertaining to this agenda may view those documents at the Tuolumne County Superintendent of Schools Office, 175 So. Fairview Lane, Sonora, CA 95370.

Notice to the Public:  SELPA Policy is that all meetings open to the public will be tape recorded.

Consent Agenda

  •  Minutes of May 18, 2015 SELPA Governing Board Meeting
  • Agenda for June 3, 2015 SELPA Governing Board Meeting

 Action Items

  •  Tuolumne County SELPA Budget
    Lisa Rico will present the 2015-2016 SELPA budget for the Board’s consideration and action.

Public Hearing on
Tuolumne County SELPA Budget for 2015-2016
Hearing opened at                        Hearing closed at                    

  • Kindergarten Integration Plans for 2015-2016
    The Board will continue their consideration of potential integration plans for the 2015-2016 school year. Options to be discussed include a new classroom or an inclusion team.
  •  Local Plan Revision Committee
     The Board will consider the proposed members of the Local Plan Revision Committee as presented by Director Jim Frost.

Comments from Council Members

Each member of the Governing Board/Executive Council may report about various matters involving the SELPA.  There will be no board discussion except to ask questions or refer matters to staff, and no action will be taken unless listed on a subsequent agenda.


Next Tuolumne County SELPA Meeting Date:  August 11, 2015
Closed Session 1:00 p.m. (if required)
Open Session 1:00 p.m. or immediately following Closed Session
Tuolumne County Office of Education, Room #217
175 South Fairview Lane, Sonora, CA  95370