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Call Public Session to Order

The meeting was called to order by Chair Jeff Winfield at 8:00 am.

 Flag Salute

 Establishment of Quorum


Governing Board:
Marguerite Bulkin – County Superintendent
Brenda Chapman – Superintendent, Jamestown School District
Robert Griffith – Superintendent, Summerville Union High School District
Leigh Shampain – Superintendent, Sonora and Summerville School Districts
Dave Urquhart – Superintendent, Big Oak Flat-Groveland Unified School District
Jeff Winfield – Superintendent, Twain Harte and Soulsbyville School Districts

Jim Frost, Executive Director                 Tuolumne County SELPA
Jeanie Smith, Executive Assistant         Tuolumne County SELPA
Wendy Pound, Incoming Ex. Director  Tuolumne County SELPA
Tami Ethier, Asst. Supt. of Business     Tuolumne County Supt. of Schools
Lisa Rico, Director,Business                  Tuolumne County Supt. of Schools
Advisory Services

Public Comment

There was no public comment

Consent Agenda 

  • Minutes of May 18, 2015 SELPA Governing Board Meeting
  • Agenda for June 3, 2015 SELPA Governing Board Meeting

Motion to approve the Minutes and accept the Agenda:   Margie Bulkin
Second:    Brenda Chapman
Ayes:  Griffith, Urquhart, Shampain, Chapman, Winfield, Bulkin
Noes:  None

 Action Items

  •  Tuolumne County SELPA Budget

Tami Ethier and Lisa Rico presented the 2015-2016 SELPA budget for the Board’s consideration and action.  Some changes will be made during the 1st interim after the Governor’s budget has been approved.  Additional changes include an increase in New Gap funding, and the potential reduction of the billback.  At this time CBOs should plan for $100 billback per ADA.   This budget reflects step and column increases, as well as STRS, PERS and Xmod.  It also reflects projected expenditure for 3 NPS students and an inclusion or integration program.   Approximately $180,000 has been set aside for this program, but that figure does not include any facility costs that may be incurred. 

Public Hearing onTuolumne County SELPA Budget for 2015-2016
Hearing opened at 8:06 am.
No public comment
Hearing closed at 8:07

Motion to approve the 2015-2016 Budget:   Brenda Chapman
Second:  Dave Urquhart
Ayes:  Griffith, Urquhart, Shampain, Chapman, Winfield, Bulkin
Noes:  None

  • Kindergarten Integration Plans for 2015-2016

There will be several preschool students transitioning into Kindergarten programs in the fall.  Some will need a little help, some will need more.  The state is promoting more integration, so this will be a good model for that emphasis.  There is a proposal to have a team formed that could come into classrooms and assist teachers and paraprofessional with these students.  This team would include a BCBA, paraprofessionals and an Autism specialist.  They would rotate in the classrooms, so there would be assistance in the classroom almost every day during the week.  Five of the elementary schools will be getting Kindergarten students from our preschool programs.

The team would spend time together learning about the students and develop a plan for each individual.  Then they would go to classrooms individually to help the students in identified areas of need.  It will be a heavy push for the first few weeks, and then could be backed off a bit.  As the year progresses, they will focus on the areas that need them most. 

Motion to approve the Integration Team Proposal:  Margie Bulkin
Second:  Robert Griffith
Ayes:  Griffith, Urquhart, Shampain, Chapman, Winfield, Bulkin
Noes:  None

  • Local Plan Revision Committee

The Board approved the following individuals to serve on the Local Plan Revision Committee:  Dave Urquhart, Jeff Winfield, Maqueda Williams, Ladd Brunner, Cathy Stone-Carlson, Teri Wilson, Karen Cedros, Jason Sevier, Margie Bulkin, Wendy Pound.

Margie suggested that Wendy convene the committee.  Chris King, facilitator for the original groups, could introduce the recommendations from the final committee, and then the group will decide where to go from there.  The plan needs to say how it (the plan) gets updated in the future, and who will do that.  The new plan should be revised no later than March 2016.   

Motion to approve the committee members:  Leigh Shampain
Second:   Robert Griffith
Ayes:  Griffith, Urquhart, Shampain, Chapman, Winfield, Bulkin
Noes:  None

Comments from Council Members

Director Jim Frost commented that we have a due process filing regarding a student at Table Mountain Ranch.  It is a negotiated group home with VMRC where they place their most severe youngsters.  These youngsters have cost us a significant amount of money in workers’ compensation claims and other associated costs.  There is a new child there and we have recommended an NPS placement.  The parent disagrees and wants the child placed here and has filed a lawsuit.

Incoming Director, Wendy Pound, stated that trainings haven’t been well attended by district personnel for Ready for Inclusion.  Wendy asked what we can improve so districts would attend.  Superintendents responded they would like to know who would be the best person to send so they know who would benefit most.

Superintendent Robert Griffith asked if 8th grade students go through a Transition IEP prior to coming to the high school.  Yes, they do.


Motion to adjourn at 8:50:  Jeff Winfield
Second:  Dave Urquhart
Ayes:  Griffith, Urquhart, Shampain, Chapman, Winfield, Bulkin
Noes:  None

Next Tuolumne County SELPA Meeting Date:  August 11, 2015
Closed Session 1:00 p.m. (if required)
Open Session 1:00 p.m. or immediately following Closed Session
Tuolumne County Office of Education, Room #217
175 South Fairview Lane, Sonora, CA  95370