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CalSCHLS Workshop

April 16, 2020 2:00 pm
April 16, 2020 4:00 pm
175 Fairview Lane, Sonora, CA 95370   View map


This on-site, 2-hour Data Workshop is designed to engage district and school staff in learning what’s new with student (CHKS), staff (CSSS), and parent (CSPS) CalSCHL Surveys and learning to examine and use student (CHKS), staff (CSSS), and parent (CSPS) CalSCHLS data.

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This workshop is FREE to representatives of Tuolumne County School Districts.

Participants should bring their computers and copies of their CHKS, CSSS, and CSPS reports.

Workshop Topics:

  • Why collect CalSCHLS data?
    • TUPE Requirements
    • LCAP Needs
    • Student Supports
  • What’s new with CalSCHLS?
    • New(ish) website
    • New changes to the CHKS, CSSS and CSPS
    • New data dashboards (district and school)
      • New trend reports
      • New disaggregated reports for LCAP subgroups
      • New school comparison reports
  • How can you act on CalSCHLS data?
    • Which universal supports are robust?
    • Which have room for growth?
    • Which call for action?
    • Participants will:
      • Select one support to focus on during the workshop
      • Use the data to support their choice
      • Review resources for taking action on their CalSCHLS data
      • Decide on one action to take after the workshop
      • Create a plan for taking action