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Matthew Balzarini

Matthew Balzarini is a third generation firefighter with over twenty years of experience in public safety.  Balzarini was a 911 dispatcher at the San Francisco International Airport for 2 years while also volunteering as a firefighter in his then home community of Boulder Creek in the Santa Cruz Mountains.  In 2000, Balzarini became a police officer in San Francisco where he served many roles.  One of the most rewarding was the two years spent working as a School Resource Officer full time on a high school campus in the Mission District.  It was this experience that led to his service as a School Board Member in the community he lives in now, Mountain House, CA in San Joaquin County.  Balzarini was appointed to the elementary school board in 2006.  In 2008 Balzarini was elected to the Mountain House Board of Directors, which operates as a city council.  In 2010, when the school district unified Balzarini ran for a seat on the new unified school board and was elected.  In 2010 Balzarini took his service to the state level as a delegate with the California School Boards Association representing his county.  In 2012 Balzarini was able to follow his family footsteps and became a San Francisco firefighter, where he works today.  Balzarini was elected to the CSBA Board of Directors in 2014 and currently serves on many committees and presents on school safety and incident management throughout his region.

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