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Employees Who Make a Difference - Karen Hale, Jeanie Smith and Kathryn Tuggle

Employees Who Make a Difference

The Tuolumne Chapter Association of the California School Administrators will honor the outstanding employees of Tuolumne County’s education community at the annual “Employees Who Make a Difference” awards reception on Tuesday,  March 14, 2017.

This year, the Tuolumne County Superintendent of Schools (TCSOS) are proud to nominate Jeanie Smith, Karen Hale and Kathryn Tuggle!

Employees Who Make a Difference

Tuesday, March 14, 2016
4:30 PM
Sonora High School Cafeteria

Karen Hale

The first person you see when you walk into the Special Education Department is Karen Hale. She will be standing behind her monitor, phone in one hand, notes and invoices in another, and give you a big smile and listen to your question, while still keeping the person on the phone engaged. Karen knows how to get the best prices on supplies, and prides herself in how much she has saved the office.

Karen has the unenviable task of finding substitutes for teachers and for instructional assistants who cant’ make it to work. Yes, we have an automated sub-calling system, but Karen knows that a personal phone call from her will often result in a “yes” when the sub has already declined the robo call.

When the office switched Student Information Systems to ARIES, Karen led that transition. Karen handles the CALPADS data, and has been working with the state and with Educational Services department to assure integrity of the data. Karen understands the complexities and technical aspects of the vast program, and is training others to work with CALPADs. Other departments rely on Karen, as a team player and someone you can count on. You make a difference!

Jeanie Smith

Jeanie Smith is the Executive Assistant to the Special Education Director for Tuolumne County Superintendent of Schools. You would expect an Executive Assistant to possess qualities of honesty, trustworthiness, dependability, and thoroughness, and Jeanie Smith has all of these. Added to these is a polite, but effective, way of keeping the director on track and focused. Jeanie administers the special education information system for 848 Tuolumne County public school students. She fields calls of distress ably and kindly, and solves problems before they have a chance to grow. No matter how many requests are made of her, she organizes them and checks them off one by one.

Jeanie’s organizational skills carry over into her personal life, where she volunteers in community groups, sits on a School Board, and rides her road bike in her spare time. Jeanie has also been seen enlisting another Honoree, Karen Hale, to act and sing for co-workers. While Jeanie’s physical fitness, community service, and theatricality is an inspiration to her office mates, her executive fitness is what makes Jeanie our Employee Who Makes a Difference.

Kathryn Tuggle

Kathryn Tuggle works as an Instructional Assistant in a classroom of student who struggle with emotional and behavioral challenges. Before accepting a permanent position, Kathryn worked in every one of the 11 Tuolumne County Superintendent of School’s classrooms. When a substitute was required, Kathryn was every teacher’s choice. Her co-workers will tell you they are delighted she chose to work with them.

Her coworkers will also tell you Kathryn has the temperament of a golden lab, and the intelligence of a scientist. She is calm when behaviors escalate, and lends her calm to others. She seems to know what to do in tricky situations intuitively, and students respond to her authoritative but gentle guidance. Teachers appreciate her dependable nature and support in the classroom.

Thank you Kathryn Tuggle! You are an Employee Who Makes a Difference.