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Splish! Splash!

Water has properties, which allow it to interact with gases, solids, and other liquids.

Crawler, Hoppers, and Fliers

Living things have observable structures that help organisms live and interact with their environment.

First Grade

Huff n Puff

The earth is surrounded by a blanket of air that moves, contains moisture, and can be warmed or cooled.

Drops, Bubbles, and Balance

Matter has different properties, comes in different states, and can change states.

Second Grade

Nitty, Gritty, Dirt, and Fossils

The earth is very old and constantly changing.

Power Connection

Magnetism and electricity have basic properties which allow them to interact with each other.

Third Grade

Build and Balance

The supporting power of a structure is dependent upon the design of the frame and the materials used.

Fourth Grade

Let the Force Be With You

Machines are devices for increasing, decreasing, or changing the directions of forces.

Fifth Grade

Come Fly With Me

If the forces acting on an object do not cancel out, they cause a change in motion of the object.

Sixth Grade

More than Magic

Reactions and interactions indicate properties of matter.

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