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2015 Summer Institute

2014 Summer Insititute

2014 Science Content Sessions

Day 2: Is There Water on Zork? with Micha Miller

Day 3: NGSS with Cathy Parker

2014 Mathematics Content Sessions

Day 2: TK,K, 1 with Karen Sells & Aimee Campiotti

Day 3: TK, K, 1 with Karen Sells & Aimee Campiotti

Day 2: 2/3 with Karen Sells & Aimee Campiotti

Day 3: 2/3 with Karen Sells & Aimee Campiotti

Day 2: 4, 5, 6 with Karen Sells, Aimee Campiott, & John Leamy

Day 3: 4, 5, 6 with Karen Sells, Aimee Campiott, & John Leamy

Day 3: 6th grade Breakout

2014 Technology Content Sessions

Day 2: Technology with Melissa Colon

Day 3: Technology with Melissa Colon

2014 Engineering Content Sessions

On September 20, the participants visited the DaVinci Center located in Stockton for a day of hands-on engineering activities. They were challenged with building a paper tower, building a weight-bearing support structure out of paper and tape, and learned about “squishy circuits” and drone technology.  The DaVinci Center’s computer labs were used to further explore Google Apps and online resources for engineering activities.

UC Merced professor YangQuan Chen and his graduate student Marwin Ko made engineering presentations, along with Cathy Parker of TCSOS.  Melissa Colon from Columbia College and Cathy Parker led the computer applications sessions.

During one of the breakout sessions the participants were given a tour of the DaVinci Center to get a feel for what equipment and resources are available in a maker space facility.

2014 Leadership

One of the goals of the STEM-TRACKS project is to foster leadership skills in all of the participants.  Eleven Teacher Leaders were selected to help guide the participants through this growth process.  Seven Teacher Leaders are also STEM-TRACKS participants, and four Teacher Leaders were recruited from the recently completed TCATS grant.  The TCATS Teacher Leaders bring with them the experience and enthusiasm from their project in order to help mentor the new STEM-TRACKS Teacher Leaders.

A key component of leadership is team-building.  Participants were grouped by regional grade levels and assigned a Teacher Leader.  Throughout the project the Teacher Leaders will help coordinate grade level meetings for STEM-based unit development, and during the Summer Intensive Institutes and Follow-up Training days will assist in ensuring that the participants are provided with an enriching and supportive educational experience.

Prior to the start of each days’ content sessions, the Teacher Leaders held warm-up activities that helped bring the participants together as a cohesive unit.  This team-building has been observed to be an important component within cohorts in past teacher training institutes.

A key ingredient in team-building revolves around incorporating the FISH! philosophy.  The four primary elements of FISH! Are:

1) Choose your attitude

2) Be there,

3) Make their day

4) Play.

Not only is FISH! used throughout our institute and follow-up days, participants are encouraged to incorporate the FISH! philosophy into their classroom instruction.