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Spelling Bee

February 12, 2020

The countywide Junior High Spelling Bee hosted by TCSOS at Curtis Creek Elementary School on Wednesday, February 13, 2019, provides an opportunity for participating schools to send their top three students to this annual event to compete for one of the two spots and the state level.  Open to 7th – 9th grade students. 

Spelling Bee Results

1st Place:  Victoria Young, Summerville High

2nd Place:  Olivia Nickols, Sonora Elementary
3rd Place (tie): Richard Seaman, Curtis Creek Elementary
3rd Place (tie): Lynnea Uhl, Connections

1st Place:  Valerie Harris, Sonora Elementary School


2nd Place:  Anna Hildebrand, Sonora Elementary School

3rd Place: Bella Bouchoucha, Sonora Elementary School

1st Place: William Spear, Curtis Creek School


2nd Place: Valerie Harris, Sonora Elementary

3rd Place: Christopher Ramos, Sonora Elementary

1st Place: Seth Pearlman, Tenaya Elementary


2nd Place: Tricia Young, Twain Harte School

3rd Place (TIE): Cailin Gervin, Columbia Elementary

3rd Place (TIE): Tyler Utterback, Sonora Elementary