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Scientific Inquiry

Teachers: Please complete a registration for each project you are sending to the STEM and History Expo.


Definition: Scientific Inquiry is the basic experimentation category and covers Scientific Methodology, Research, Hypothesis, Experiment Design, Data Collection and Analysis.


This is a competitive category for students in grades 5-12. Up to six students in grades 6-12 are selected to represent Tuolumne County at the State Science Fair. This is a non-competitive category for students in grades TK-4. Teacher recommendation is required.


Requirements: A successful Scientific Inquiry entry must have the following:

  • Scientific method must be utilized
  • Ask a testable question
  • Research the topic
  • Make a hypothesis about the outcome based on the research or their own knowledge
  • Design the investigation
  • Conduct the investigation
  • Collect Data
  • Make sense of the data and draw a conclusion
  • Present their findings for peer review
  • Tri-fold display must address all elements of scientific method, must include visuals
  • Project display must be viewer friendly and safe
  • Students must submit the following: Visual display, notebook and abstract (forms are located in the handbook)

Additional judging is based on the following:

  • The scientific method shows completeness of thought and cause and effect are clearly explained
  • The Inquiry relates to broader scientific principles, real world applications
  • The idea for investigation is original or innovative
  • The procedure, materials, trial length, etc. are innovative or creative in approach