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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to sign up at each school?
No. The County Schools Office maintains one list for all the schools in the county. You can let us know what your preferences are (i.e., grades, subjects, schools, etc. that you are willing to sub for), and that information is published on the Substitute Teacher List that is distributed to the schools.



But because all districts have a difference tax identification number, you will be required to fill out payroll paperwork at each district.

I have been fingerprinted before. Do I still need fingerprints?
Yes. If you have not been fingerprinted for the County Schools Office, you will need to be fingerprinted. State law requires each agency that needs fingerprint clearance receive its own. Sharing or transferring of information is not allowed.
(Even if you have been fingerprinted at this office for another agency, we will need to fingerprint you specifically for us so that we receive your clearance directly from CA Department of Justice.)
I retired from a district in Tuolumne County. Do I need to be on the substitute list to sub at the district where I taught?
It depends. If the district that you retired from only hires substitutes off of the County Schools Substitute List, or if you want to sub at other districts in the county, then you will need to complete all paperwork to be on the list. If you want to sub only at the district that you retired from, and that district employs retirees as subs, you do not need to be on the Substitute List. This is an individual district decision, and you will need to check with them.
How long is my Emergency 30-day subbing permit valid?
One year. Emergency 30-day subbing permits are valid for one year and must be renewed by logging on to, completing the appropriate form and paying the appropriate fee.
Does an Emergency 30-day subbing permit mean that I can only sub for 30 days?
No. You can sub every day of the school year, but you are limited to 30 days for any given teacher in a school year (20 days for special education).
Have more questions?
Contact Andi Thomas at 209-536-2015 or

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