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Teachers of Excellence

Excellence in Teaching & Career Achievement Awards

The Excellence in Teaching Awards are hosted annually by the Tuolumne County Superintendent of Schools and the County Board of Education to recognize and appreciate those teachers who have gained the respect and admiration of the education community for their dedication, enthusiasm, and professional standards and who, by their exemplary careers, have served as role models to students  – our teachers are our future!

The Career Achievement Award recognizes veteran teachers who have made lifelong contributions to students, education and their community. Career Achievement Award recipients have at least 25 years of teaching experience.

2016-2017 Honorees

Excellence in Teaching & Career Achievement Award Honorees

First Name Last Name District Year Career Achievement
Alice Leonardo Curtis Creek Elementary 2017 Career Achievement
Tiffany Dobbs ATCAA-Head Start 2017
Jennifer Walker Belleview Elementary 2017
Sheri Gempler Big Oak Flat Groveland 2017
Breann Craig Columbia Elementary 2017
Erin Naegle Columbia College 2017
Lindy Middleton TCSOS County Schools 2017
Stephanie Hanks Curtis Creek Elementary 2017
Carrie Martin Jamestown Elementary 2017
Susan Carlon Sonora Elementary 2017
Stacy Kroeze Sonora High 2017
Jessica Brouns Soulsbyville Elementary 2017
Tom McGrady Summerville Elementary 2017
Rachel Castongia Summerville High 2017
Kimberlie Ballard Twain Harte Elementary 2017
Louise McPeeters Curtis Creek Elementary 2016 Career Achievement
Mike Miller Sonora Elementary 2016 Career Achievement
Yanet Casillas ATCAA-Head Start 2016
Emily Hanchett Big Oak Flat Groveland 2016
Linda Cazares Chinese Camp Elementary 2016
Anne Cavagnaro Columbia College 2016
Rebecca Cox Columbia Elementary 2016
Tricia Dunlap Curtis Creek Elementary 2016
Danielle Roberson Sonora Elementary 2016
Steve Lee Sonora High 2016
Hilary Durling Soulsbyville Elementary 2016
Angela Vandegrift Summerville Elementary 2016
Missy Hightower Summerville High 2016
Donna Meiss TCSOS County Schools 2016
Kathleen Olsen Twain Harte Elementary 2016
Rick Francis Sonora High 2015 Career Achievement
Roxanne Scoggins Belleview Elementary 2015
Lisa Pritchard Big Oak Flat Groveland 2015
Kath Christensen Columbia College 2015
Shane Warner Columbia College 2015
Kim Ramorini Columbia Elementary 2015
Paul McIlroy Curtis Creek Elementary 2015
Tom Thompson Jamestown Elementary 2015
Sally McClellan Sonora Elementary 2015
Yvonne Denton Sonora High 2015
Michelle Costa Soulsbyville Elementary 2015
Alissa Hodge Summerville Elementary 2015
Karen Wessel Summerville High 2015
Liz Bryun TCSOS County Schools 2015
Kimstar Knowles Twain Harte Elementary 2015
Sharon Gustafson Sonora Elementary 2014 Career Achievement
John Carter Columbia College 2014
Amber Brennan Columbia Elementary 2014
Beth McIlroy Curtis Creek Elementary 2014
Joe Gallagher Jamestown Elementary 2014
William Kuerz Sierra Conservation Center 2014
Sheila Lane Sonora Elementary 2014
Robert Mayben Sonora High 2014
Sue Irwin Soulsbyville Elementary 2014
Julie Johnson TCSOS County Schools 2014
Paul Andrews Tenaya Elementary 2014
Larry Gold Twain Harte Elementary 2014
Susan Sperry Black Oak School 2013 Career Achievement
Aimee Campiotti Belleview Elementary 2013
Susan Sperry Black Oak School 2013
Jeff Bigelow Columbia College 2013
Michelle Kafka Columbia Elementary 2013
Colleen Whitlock Curtis Creek Elementary 2013
Carolyn Usrey Jamestown Elementary 2013
Dennis Jordan-Curasi Sierra Conservation Center 2013
John Reesman Sonora Elementary 2013
Karen Sells Sonora High 2013
Stephen Sweitzer Soulsbyville Elementary 2013
Carey Bird Summerville Elementary 2013
Richard Krueger Summerville High 2013
Steve Roos TCSOS County Schools 2013
Charlene Dambacher Sonora High 2012 Career Achievement
Kim Angel Belleview Elementary 2012
Pam Ransom Black Oak School 2012
Ed Cassinetto Cassina High 2012
Dr. Jeff Tolhurst Columbia College 2012
June Wassmund Columbia Elementary 2012
Pam Heard Curtis Creek Elementary 2012
Joanne Fong Jamestown Elementary 2012
Deborah Rei Sierra Conservation Center 2012
Jeff Juhl Sonora Elementary 2012
LaDeane Hansten Sonora High 2012
Cindy Roberson Soulsbyville Elementary 2012
Laura Breaux Summerville Elementary 2012
Mike Orteiza Summerville High 2012
Tim Cain TCSOS County Schools 2012
Beth Palmer Tenaya Elementary 2012
John Russell Columbia Elementary 2011 Career Achievement
Lisa Pearce Cassina High 2011
Kelli Slater Cassina High 2011
Micha Miller Columbia College 2011
Lauretta Carr Columbia Elementary 2011
Alice Leonardo Curtis Creek Elementary 2011
Julie Kemble Jamestown Elementary 2011
Darren Holman Sierra Conservation Center 2011
Ginny Wylie Sonora Elementary 2011
Charmon Logan Sonora High 2011
Lara Hall Soulsbyville Elementary 2011
Wendy McLaurin Summerville Elementary 2011
Kathy Horak Summerville High 2011
Jason Sevier TCSOS County Schools 2011
Tim Donovan Tioga High 2011
Mary Bickley Twain Harte Elementary 2011
Chace Anderson Sonora High 2010 Career Achievement
Rich Murison Cassina High 2010
Vonna Breeze-Martin Columbia College 2010
Bill Wilson Columbia College 2010
Charlie Stoddard Columbia Elementary 2010
Linda Greivel Curtis Creek Elementary 2010
Doreen Webb Jamestown Elementary 2010
Charles McCracken Sierra Conservation Center 2010
Julie Chaffee Sonora Elementary 2010
Maggie Hodson Sonora High 2010
Noelle Taylor Soulsbyville Elementary 2010
Debbie Barnett Summerville Elementary 2010
Gail Buzzard Summerville High 2010
Penny LeVitus TCSOS County Schools 2010
Rob Egger Tenaya Elementary 2010
Tom Dunlap Twain Harte Elementary 2010
Kathy Selander Columbia Elementary 2009 Career Achievement
Stephanie Stark Belleview Elementary 2009
Lori Gold Black Oak School 2009
Dina Pinocchio Cassina High 2009
Melissa Colon Columbia College 2009
Shelly Wilson Columbia Elementary 2009
Ron Parker Curtis Creek Elementary 2009
Carrie Martin Jamestown Elementary 2009
Jamie Parsons Sierra Conservation Center 2009
Jane Braga Sonora Elementary 2009
Rick Francis Sonora High 2009
Jennifer Lewicki Soulsbyville Elementary 2009
Tina Heldstab Summerville Elementary 2009
Darcy Wingo Summerville High 2009
Josh Kroeze TCSOS County Schools 2009
Trudie Loomis Jamestown Elementary 2008 Career Achievement
Shana Macdonald Soulsbyville Elementary 2008 Career Achievement
Nancy Hoyt Belleview Elementary 2008
Jan Zukal Black Oak School 2008
Mike Dickey Cassina High 2008
Patricia Harrelson Columbia College 2008
Robin Arechiga Johnson Columbia Elementary 2008
Sheri Betz Jamestown Elementary 2008
Phillip Butler Sierra Conservation Center 2008
Jim Edwards Sonora Elementary 2008
Debbie Neumann Sonora Elementary 2008
David Winslow Sonora High 2008
David Baer Soulsbyville Elementary 2008
Elaine Emmons Sullivan Creek Elementary 2008
Erika Caldera Summerville Elementary 2008
Robert Hohn Summerville High 2008
Joane Job TCSOS County Schools 2008
Barbara Smith Sonora High 2007 Career Achievement
Diana Page Soulsbyville Elementary 2007 Career Achievement
Karen Sells Big Oak Flat Groveland 2007
Jeff Hansten Cassina High 2007
Laurie Sylwester Columbia College 2007
Carol Kent Columbia Elementary 2007
Carol Smith Curtis Creek Elementary 2007
Audrey Zgraggen Jamestown Elementary 2007
Kathi Garcia Sierra Conservation Center 2007
Susan Guinasso Sonora Elementary 2007
Julie Hulet Sonora Elementary 2007
Nancy Dumas Sonora High 2007
Mike Hopper Soulsbyville Elementary 2007
Cindy Wehmeyer Summerville Elementary 2007
Tom Dibble Summerville High 2007
Pat Epperly TCSOS County Schools 2007
Dan West Twain Harte Elementary-Long Barn 2007
Wayne de Gennaro Summerville High 2006 Career Achievement
Jude Hawkins Big Oak Flat Groveland 2006
CIndy Dodge Cassina High 2006
Ross Carkeet Columbia College 2006
Suzanne Mohr Columbia Elementary 2006
Mary Kennedy Curtis Creek Elementary 2006
Laurie Blackmore Jamestown Elementary 2006
Christopher M. Hackett Sierra Conservation Center 2006
Anita Fox Sonora Elementary 2006
Judy Hodges Sonora Elementary 2006
Stan Smith Sonora High 2006
Frances Garci-Aguirre Soulsbyville Elementary 2006
Kelly Gracia Summerville Elementary 2006
Madeline Young Summerville High 2006
Tim Mauldin TCSOS County Schools 2006
Mary Antinetti Twain Harte Elementary-Long Barn 2006
Mike Mahr Sonora High 2005 Career Achievement
Richard Linville Soulsbyville Elementary 2005 Career Achievement
Sandy Welch Big Oak Flat Groveland 2005
Randal Lee Cassina High 2005
John Carter Columbia College 2005
Dick King Columbia Elementary 2005
Cathy Parker Curtis Creek Elementary 2005
Julie Fairfield Jamestown Elementary 2005
Barbara Goode Sierra Conservation Center 2005
Sandra McKernan Sonora Elementary 2005
BZ Smith Sonora Elementary 2005
Mike Mahr Sonora High 2005
Michael Paul Skutches Soulsbyville Elementary 2005
Bob Haycock Summerville Elementary 2005
Lee Suggs Summerville High 2005
Cindy Mudge TCSOS County Schools 2005
Mike Calbert Twain Harte Elementary-Long Barn 2005
Jan Eddy Soulsbyville Elementary 2004 Career Achievement
Alison Brown Big Oak Flat Groveland 2004
Maryl Landess Columbia College 2004
Kathy Francis Columbia Elementary 2004
Kellene Ditler Curtis Creek Elementary 2004
Contessa Pelfrey Jamestown Elementary 2004
Dale Edward Orth Sierra Conservation Center 2004
Kathy Brandi Sonora Elementary 2004
Denise Garcia Sonora Elementary 2004
Linda Mellana Sonora High 2004
Diane Doster Sonora Parent Nursery 2004
Claudia Martin Soulsbyville Elementary 2004
Pietr Young Summerville Elementary 2004
Julie Daters Summerville High 2004
Casey Dumas TCSOS County Schools 2004
Linda Murry Twain Harte Elementary-Long Barn 2004
Arlene Ward Big Oak Flat Groveland 2003 Career Achievement
Ted Hamilton Columbia College 2003
Don Foster Columbia Elementary 2003
Sherri Keefe Curtis Creek Elementary 2003
Liz Miller Curtis Creek Elementary 2003
Dolores Boutin Sierra Conservation Center 2003
Shari Aitken Sonora Elementary 2003
Mary Johnson Sonora Elementary 2003
Barbara Smith Sonora High 2003
Dory Anderson Soulsbyville Elementary 2003
Paula Willson Special Ed 2003
Julie Frederick Summerville Elementary 2003
Harry Shaw Summerville High 2003
Vicki White Ted Bird High 2003
Joanne Beaudreau Tenaya Elementary 2003
Susan Edmonds Twain Harte Elementary 2003
Ophelia Patterson Twain Harte Elementary 2003
Sidni Richards Twain Harte Elementary/Black Oak School 2003
Matt Marinovich Tioga High 2002 Career Achievement
Helen Birtwhistle Twain Harte Elementary/Black Oak School 2002 Career Achievement
Norm Wiley Belleview Elementary 2002
Pat Hollingsworth Cassina High 2002
Paula Clarke Columbia College 2002
Jeffrey Broaddus Columbia Elementary 2002
Kandi Angermiller Curtis Creek Elementary 2002
Jan McCullough Jamestown Elementary 2002
Jon Malone Sierra Conservation Center 2002
MariAnn Bloom Sonora Elementary 2002
Charlie Mallory Sonora Elementary 2002
Sherry Juhl Sonora High 2002
Sue Loughmiller Soulsbyville Elementary 2002
Carita Edson Special Ed 2002
Stephanie Torok Sullivan Creek Elementary 2002
Mike Kubasek Summerville Elementary 2002
Stacy Tune Summerville Elementary 2002
Barbara Encinas Summerville High 2002
Nancy Johnson TCSOS County Schools 2002
Carol Willmon Tenaya Elementary 2002
Sylvia Terry Twain Harte Elementary/Pinecrest 2001 Career Achievement
Dave Caya Belleview Elementary 2001
Morgan McBride Columbia College 2001
Steve Webb Columbia Elementary 2001
Loretta Howell Columbia/Shaws Flat 2001
Gordon Giedt Don Pedro High 2001
Robin Poston Jamestown Elementary 2001
Sonda Iser Sierra Conservation Center 2001
Jackie Irene Sonora Elementary 2001
Mike Miller Sonora Elementary 2001
Pat Dean Sonora High 2001
Sue Bondurant Soulsbyville Elementary 2001
Evalyn Levering Soulsbyville Elementary 2001
Ellen Naegeli Summerville Elementary 2001
Ben Watson Summerville High 2001
Jane Townsend Tenaya Elementary 2001
Kennard Stark Twain Harte Elementary 2001
Becky Berry Twain Harte Elementary/Black Oak School 2001
Jim Micheletti Twain Harte Elementary 2000 Career Achievement
Tim Cain Belleview Elementary 2000
Bob King Cassina High 2000
Elsie Bruno Columbia College 2000
Lynne Secrist Columbia Elementary 2000
Judy Brimmer Jamestown Elementary 2000
Jackie Gustafson Retired/Jamestown Elementary 2000
Anita Sturgill Sierra Conservation Center 2000
Sharon Gustafson Sonora Elementary 2000
Karen Sinclair Sonora Elementary 2000
Max Lemon Sonora High 2000
Marilyn Thompson Summerville Elementary 2000
Barbara Gleason Summerville High 2000
Suzanne Borge TCSOS County Schools 2000
Will Hillier Tioga High 2000
Ernie Miller Twain Harte Elementary 1999 Career Achievement
Terri Dixon Belleview Elementary 1999
Ross Carkeet Columbia College 1999
Terry Hoff Columbia College 1999
Pam Kubasek Columbia Elementary 1999
David Mortensen Curtis Creek Elementary 1999
Trudie Loomis Jamestown Elementary 1999
Don Carpenter Sierra Conservation Center 1999
JoAnn Gritz Sonora Elementary 1999
Jan Russell Sonora Elementary 1999
Randy Nixon Sonora High 1999
Karen Nelson Soulsbyville Elementary 1999
Kathy Adriano Sullivan Creek Elementary 1999
Sharon Mock Summerville Elementary 1999
Kristy Dwyer Summerville High 1999
Debbie Ritchie TCSOS County Schools 1999
Pete Steinmetz Tenaya Elementary 1999
Janet Zierenberg Tenaya Elementary 1999
Marilyn Waggoner Belleview Elementary 1998
Pattie Francis Cassina High 1998
Michele Cowden-Applebee Chinese Camp Elementary 1998
Fred Peterson Columbia College 1998
Dick King Columbia Elementary 1998
Louise McPeeters Curtis Creek Elementary 1998
Janet West Jamestown Elementary 1998
Santos Lopez, Jr. Sierra Conservation Center 1998
JoAnn Martin Sonora Elementary 1998
John Dossi Sonora High 1998
Suzanne Hennesey Soulsbyville Elementary 1998
Suzanne Bartels Sullivan Creek Elementary 1998
Angela Vandegrift Summerville Elementary 1998
Lois Gourley Summerville High 1998
Lynn Taber Summerville High 1998
Alice Paxton TCSOS County Schools 1998
Dave Palmer Tenaya Elementary 1998
Matt Marinovich Tioga High 1998
Garienn Bader Twain Harte Elementary 1998
Rachael Sooter Belleview Elementary 1997
James Johnson Cassina High 1997
Blaine Rogers Columbia College 1997
Nancy Charlton Columbia Elementary 1997
Kyle Atkins Curtis Creek Elementary 1997
Arthur Tramp Don Pedro High 1997
Nancy Randall Jamestown Elementary 1997
Linda Pateman Sierra Conservation Center 1997
Mike Pardina Sonora Elementary 1997
Jim Roeber Sonora High 1997
Barbara Hall Soulsbyville Elementary 1997
Joan Mosley Sullivan Creek Elementary 1997
Gary Rundle Summerville Elementary 1997
Mitch Heldstab Summerville High 1997
Don Jardine Summerville High 1997
Lane Willey TCSOS County Schools 1997
Janet Zierenberg Tenaya Elementary 1997
Adele O'Neill Tioga High 1997
Hugh Loomis Twain Harte Elementary 1997
Pete Larkin Belleview Elementary 1996
Carol Hansen Cassina High 1996
Kathy Apperson Chinese Camp Elementary 1996
Dan Doane Columbia Elementary 1996
Margaret Atkins Curtis Creek Elementary 1996
Arlene Ward Don Pedro High 1996
Mary Perry Jamestown Elementary 1996
Daniel Ryan Sierra Conservation Center 1996
Don Rolle Sonora Elementary 1996
Pat Sieben Sonora High 1996
Jane Buzzard Soulsbyville Elementary 1996
Michelle Holman Sullivan Creek Elementary 1996
Mike Calbert Summerville Elementary 1996
Cherie Gessford Summerville High 1996
Jack Samuelian Summerville High 1996
Bev Britt TCSOS County Schools 1996
Carol Willmon Tenaya Elementary 1996
Matt Marinovich Tioga High 1996
Gail Buzzard Twain Harte Elementary 1996
Dan Zeisler Belleview Elementary 1995
David Willson Columbia College 1995
Eileen Hastings Columbia Elementary 1995
Joan Nielsen Curtis Creek Elementary 1995
Denise Messick Don Pedro High 1995
Linda Millhollin Jamestown Elementary 1995
Bedah Mize Sierra Conservation Center 1995
Diane Cowgill Sonora Elementary 1995
Karen Ethier Sonora High 1995
Charlotte Meade Soulsbyville Elementary 1995
Bernadette McEwen Sullivan Creek Elementary 1995
T.Y. Atkins Summerville Elementary 1995
Lynn Culver Summerville High 1995
Sunny Enos TCSOS County Schools 1995
Kay Norris Tenaya Elementary 1995
Adele O'Neill Tioga High 1995
Barbara Metz Twain Harte Elementary 1995
Kim Haycock Belleview Elementary 1994
Jack Cassineto Cassina High 1994
Nancy Charlton Columbia Elementary 1994
Rosa Lee Maple Curtis Creek Elementary 1994
Gordon Giedt Don Pedro High 1994
Marty Minners Jamestown Elementary 1994
M Cappi Mark Sierra Conservation Center 1994
Mary Gjerde Sonora Elementary 1994
Ron Arrington Sonora High 1994
Nancy Morton Soulsbyville Elementary 1994
Lona Jarvis Special Ed 1994
Tom McGrady Summerville Elementary 1994
Jim Epperly Summerville High 1994
Sue Steinmetz Tenaya Elementary 1994
Jim Hillier Tioga High 1994
Tom Slaght Twain Harte Elementary 1994
Margaret Rodriguez Belleview Elementary 1993
Nancy Grannis Columbia Elementary 1993
Nancy Dunbar Curtis Creek Elementary 1993
Annalie Hodge Jamestown Elementary 1993
Linda Crocker Sonora Elementary 1993
Sue Mundy Sonora High 1993
Coo Clarkson Soulsbyville Elementary 1993
Diane Doddridge Special Ed 1993
Mary Morrissey Sullivan Creek Elementary 1993
Norma Sivori Summerville Elementary 1993
Robert Hohn Summerville High 1993
Nancy Anderson Twain Harte Elementary 1993
Paula Macere Belleview Elementary 1992
Albert Krueger Columbia Elementary 1992
Kathy Theuer Curtis Creek Elementary 1992
David Dotur Sonora High 1992
Barbara Fish Soulsbyville Elementary 1992
Charlene Wrighton Special Ed 1992
Mary Antinetti Twain Harte Elementary 1992
Sue Cimino Belleview Elementary 1991
Kathy Selander Columbia Elementary 1991
Ruth Rische Curtis Creek Elementary 1991
Jackie Gustafson Jamestown Elementary 1991
Garth Eaton Sonora High 1991
Marjorie Borgquist Soulsbyville Elementary 1991
Doug Bowser Special Ed 1991
Geanie Eaton Sullivan Creek Elementary 1991
Mitch Heldstab Summerville Elementary 1991
Ellen Naegeli Summerville Elementary 1991
Frank Borrego Summerville High 1991
Frankie Thorsted Summerville High 1991
John Russell Columbia Elementary 1990
Dave Schroeter Special Ed 1989
Pete Marinovich Sonora High 1988
Dick Dyer Columbia College 1987
Fay Tranham Curtis Creek Elementary 1987
Mary Fitch Sonora Elementary 1986
Max Lemon Sonora High 1986
Roger Francis Sonora High 1985
Pirkko Dyer Summerville Parent Nursery 1985
Frank Scott Sonora High 1984
Georgene Bradshaw Special Ed 1984
Geanie Eaton Curtis Creek Elementary 1983
Charlie Clyde Sonora High 1983
Jerry Gritz Sonora High 1982
Jan Eddy Soulsbyville Elementary 1982
Dotte Francis Columbia Elementary 1981
Bob Gibson Columbia College 1980
Tom Slaght Summerville Elementary 1979