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Limited Access to TCSOS Buildings

Access to the TCSOS Buildings or associated school sites is available via appointment only.
Visitors are required to wear a mask when entering any of our sites. 


Updated guidance from the Governor and the California Department of Public Health is now available to help school and community leaders plan and prepare to resume in-person instruction.


Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS)

Due to the increased intensity and frequency of wildfires in Northern California, the California Public Utilities Commission has required that the electrical grid be powered down in areas prone to fires in times of elevated risk. Find information about current or future outages.

Why Masks Work

Slow-motion schlieren imaging experiments to demonstrate why masks work. 

This video is hosted by PBS. Please make sure you preview before showing it with your students as there may be some images or audio descriptions unsuitable for small children. 

County Schools Calendars

School & District Boundaries

TCSOS Departments & Support Services

Business Services

The Business Services department provides internal and external fiscal oversight of annual budgets of all local educational agencies in addition to providing fiscal guidance in assuring accountability and compliance with State and Federal regulations.

Educational Services

Providing support for teacher quality, school site leadership, professional development, networking, curriculum, instructional, assessment and alternative education options for the school communities of Tuolumne County.

Human Resources

Providing highly qualified staff, leadership, support, networking and professional development in order to deliver outstanding customer service to the school communities of Tuolumne County.

Special Education (SELPA)

SELPAs facilitate high quality educational programs and services for special needs students and training for parents and educators. The SELPA collaborates with county agencies and school districts to develop and maintain healthy and enriching environments in which special needs students and families can live and succeed.

Technology Services

Providing high quality informational, instructional technology and telecommunications leadership, support, networking, security and professional development for the school communities of Tuolumne County.

Tuolumne JPA

The Tuolumne JPA (Joint Powers Authority) administers Property & Liability and Workers’ Compensation insurance programs for school districts in Alpine, Amador, Calaveras, and Tuolumne Counties.

Read early... and often.

Just as a child develops language skills long before being able to speak, the child also develops literacy skills long before being able to read.