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The California Paraprofessional Exam is a mandatory assessment only for individuals who do not meet the standard requirements for paraprofessionals in education. These prerequisites include possessing a high school diploma or equivalent, along with at least two years of college coursework totaling 48 units, or alternatively, an Associate’s degree or higher.

The exam serves as an additional measure to ensure that those who may not have attained the standard academic qualifications still possess the necessary knowledge and skills to support educators and students in the classroom effectively. By upholding these stringent criteria, California ensures that paraprofessionals are well-equipped to contribute meaningfully to every student’s educational experience.


for Paraprofessionals

The CODESP (California Office of Developing Educational Services Personnel) exam is one of the assessments used for evaluating paraprofessional candidates in California. This exam plays a crucial role in determining whether individuals who do not meet the standard academic requirements possess the essential knowledge and skills necessary to support educators and students effectively.

What Does the CODESP Exam Cover?

The CODESP exam assesses a range of skills and competencies that are vital for paraprofessional roles in education. These may include, but are not limited to:

  • Basic Academic Skills: The exam evaluates candidates’ proficiency in subjects such as mathematics and English language arts to ensure they can provide meaningful assistance in the classroom.
  • Specialized Knowledge: Depending on the specific role, the CODESP exam may also include questions related to subject-specific knowledge, ensuring paraprofessionals are well-prepared to assist in various educational settings.
  • Classroom Support: The exam assesses the ability to support teachers in instructional activities, manage classroom behavior, and provide assistance to students as needed.

Why Take the CODESP Exam?

While the standard requirements for paraprofessionals in California typically involve a high school diploma or equivalent and college coursework, the CODESP exam provides an alternative pathway for individuals who may not meet these requirements. By taking the CODESP exam and demonstrating their knowledge and skills, candidates can still pursue a career as a paraprofessional, contributing to the quality of education in the state.

Preparing for the CODESP Exam

Candidates interested in taking the CODESP exam should consider preparatory resources, including study guides and practice tests, to ensure they are well-equipped to excel on the assessment.

Remember to check the official CODESP website or the California Department of Education for the most up-to-date information on the exam and any eligibility requirements.



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