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Tuolumne County

Superintendent of Schools

The Tuolumne County Superintendent of Schools (TCSOS) partners with local schools and the community to support quality education for 5,686 students in Tuolumne County and several thousand more in regional programs throughout the state. The office employs more than 150 staff and manages a $17.5 million budget.


of the County Office

Support and Monitor Local Education Agencies

The Tuolumne County Superintendent of Schools (TCSOS) ensures that school districts meet state and local requirements. It is responsible for reviewing, advising, and approving school districts’ budgets, interim reports, year-end financial statements, and audit reports. It approves local control accountability plans (LCAPs); provides differentiated assistance to districts who qualify; monitors facilities, textbooks, and instructional materials.

Instruct Students

TCSOS provides direct student instruction to special populations of students who need the unique support provided by our Special Education, Court and Community Schools, and Youth Services. TCSOS runs a highly successful program that serves the educational needs of students in foster care.

Offer Instructional and Technical Support

TCSOS provides instructional support to local education agencies in curriculum and instruction, assessment, instructional technology, program improvement, and preschool and child care quality improvement. TCSOS also provides technical assistance to support student performance and accountability, including LCAP development and differentiated assistance.

Lead High-Impact County-Wide Initiatives

TCSOS serves as an advocate for youth and education, raises public awareness of educational issues, and initiates innovative, high-impact programs to benefit Tuolumne County students, including Mental Health, Universal TK, Early Childhood Education, Career and Technical Education, and  Immunize Tuolumne County.