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TCSOS works regularly with school and media personnel to help get the word out about what’s happening in schools throughout the county.

We also help educators with strategies for working with reporters and have contacts with local print, television, and radio news departments. We work frequently with reporters to provide background and contact information.

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Zack Abernathy
County Superintendent

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May 2024: Ryan Thomas

Ryan is a cheerful and friendly student who thrives in hands-on learning, enjoys outdoor activities, and engages with music. This year, he has shown remarkable growth, especially in math. Ryan also loves sensory activities like play-dough, sand, and sensory bins. His presence brings joy to the classroom and makes him a pleasure to have as a student!

April 2024: Benjamin King

Benjamin is a diligent and responsible student who sets a great example for his peers. He has a bright future ahead of him and aspires to serve his country by joining the U.S. Marine Corps after finishing high school. Benjamin is highly motivated and always strives to better himself through hard work and determination.