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Vision & Hearing Screenings

Vision & Hearing


Vision and Hearing screenings are required at specific intervals and grade levels in California. Vision screening must be conducted on all students upon school entry and every third year through grade eight. Hearing screening is mandated in kindergarten/first grade and in second, fifth, eighth, possibly tenth/eleventh grade and upon first school entry (California Code of Regulations, Title 17, Section 2952 (c) (1).

Vision Screening

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TCSOS is committed to providing equal educational opportunities to all students. The school vision screening program has a vital role in the early identification of serious vision problems that may contribute to academic disparities. To fulfill this commitment, schools need to identify students with vision deficits that could adversely affect learning so that the students can receive timely and appropriate care. 

Area Optometrists that Accept Medi-Cal

    Dr. Childs

    14550 Mono Way
    Sonora, Ca
    (209) 532-7192

    Donaldson Eye Care Associates

    940 Sylva Ln # G
    Sonora, CA 95370
    (209) 532-2020

    Dr. Shumway

    13923 Mono Way
    Sonora, CA 95370
    (209) 533-2550



    Hearing Conservation and Audiology Services supports the Tuolumne County Schools and community in the provision of comprehensive hearing screening, in-depth hearing evaluation, and collaborative special education supports to minimize the educational impact of hearing loss. Services include:

    • School-based hearing screening and monitoring of students at risk for ongoing hearing loss
    • Identification and evaluation of hearing loss in children from birth through their school years
    • Referral to community resources for medical diagnosis, treatment, and hearing devices
    • Collaboration with school teams in providing special education services, teacher orientation to hearing loss, and classroom accommodations to enhance auditory access for deaf and hard of hearing students
    • Evaluation for and management of Hearing Assistance Technology in educational settings
    • Parent education programs regarding hearing loss, hearing devices, communication strategies, and working with the
      school team.