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Supporting Young 

Children’s Development

The TCSOS provides early intervention services for children between 0 and 5. In collaboration with the Valley Mountain Regional Center (VMRC), we offer in-home services for children aged 0 to 3 through our infant specialist.

Children who require support may experience developmental delays in cognitive, motor, language, social, and adaptive skills. To address these needs, TCSOS has developed the Structured Preschool early intervention program, which offers support services for children aged 3 to 5. Our program is staffed by highly qualified education specialists and instructional assistants who work closely with the children.

In our county-operated preschool program, children benefit from a warm, caring environment promoting social-emotional and language development. The program maintains low student-to-teacher ratios, enabling early intervention and the implementation of adaptive, behavioral, and learning strategies tailored to the needs of preschool students. Our primary mission is to challenge each student and facilitate their growth in early development to ensure they are prepared for kindergarten.



The Structured Preschool program is located at the Columbia College Child Care Center, which offers a developmentally appropriate environment for our children. Through our partnership with Kelly Thomas, the director of the Child Care Center, we create an inclusive setting where children can learn from their interactions with their general education peers. This inclusive environment fosters a sense of belonging and provides valuable opportunities for socialization and learning.

By providing comprehensive early intervention services and creating inclusive environments, TCSOS aims to support the optimal development of young children in Tuolumne County, preparing them for success as they progress through their educational journey.