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NeXus Behavior &

Emotional Support Program

NeXus is a regionalized structured behavior and emotional support program for students with significant mental health needs. Access to the NeXus program is through the student’s Individualized Education Plan team and a referral by their local school district. The program uses a multi-tiered system of support models focusing on behavior and academic success—three levels of intervention range from Intensified Level I to Intensified Level 3. Students at the Intensified Level 3 receive the most significant amount of behavior and emotional support within the NeXus program.

Eight critical concepts in the emotional and behavior support used by NeXus are:

  • Multiple levels of emotional and behavioral support;
  • Selecting evidence-based practices;
  • Continuous progress monitoring;
  • Monitoring intervention fidelity or integrity;
  • Data-based decision-making;
  • Problem-solving processes;
  • School/home collaboration;
  • Mental health service coordination.

Students in the program are educated in the least restrictive and attend general education classes based on progress and interest. The program has had great success, with most students obtaining a high school diploma.

Classroom staff includes a teacher and an appropriate ratio of instructional assistants. The program is supported by an Educationally Related Mental Health (ERMHS) therapist and other related service providers, including a School Psychologist, Board Certified Behavior Analyst, and Registered Behavior Technician. Other specialized services are available based on student needs.

NeXus classrooms are operated by the Tuolumne County Superintendent of Schools and are located on the Jamestown Elementary campus.

History has shown that students often graduate from the program, return to general education, and graduate with a high school diploma. High School NeXus students also have access to the Workability Program and are successful in employment settings.