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The TCSOS Payroll staff is responsible for the monthly salary payments for all persons employed in the school districts served by TCSOS. The department is also responsible for fringe benefit payments to vendors, salary deductions for retirement, fringe benefits and other voluntary deductions authorized by the individual employee, vacation and sick leave accruals, and other payroll-related reports.

To facilitate the payment of salaries and benefits and maximize resources for local educational agencies, we receive payroll batches from districts, audit pre-lists, process payroll warrants, and submit all applicable employer taxes, retirement contributions, and authorized payroll deductions. We also process canceled checks, electronic transfers, and W-2 forms on behalf of school districts in the county.

We complete required monthly, quarterly, and yearly employer reports for approximately 1,200 employees and the associated auditing, state, and federal reporting requirements. We also maintain payroll records and files, responding to inquiries from employees, districts, and various agencies.


User Group

The payroll professionals of the county office and school districts meet three times per year to maintain and improve school payroll and retirement support services. These meetings provide a forum for communication, training, and implementation of technical payroll and retirement issues that may impact the payroll support services of local educational agencies.

Members review features and updates in the financial system software; stay abreast of changes in payroll, tax, and retirement laws and regulations; and discuss samples, examples, and training materials. Through collaboration and shared expertise, this group maximizes resources to benefit education in Tuolumne County.