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The Tuolumne County Superintendents of Schools (TCSOS) achieves its mission, vision, and goals through six divisions: Business Services, Educational Services, Executive Services, Human Resources, Special Education, and Technology Services.

Business Services
Educational Services
Executive Services
Human Resources
Special Education
Technology Services



The Business Services Division provides a wide range of business services that are either required by law or that have been developed to assist districts with fiscal management. The division oversees a combined $17.5 million in revenue and expenditures annually, acting as an intermediary between state, federal, and local agencies. Specifically, the division provides technical, advisory, and management support services to Tuolumne County's eleven K-12 school districts as well as other federal, state, and county agencies in matters relating to financial accounting and budgeting, retirement reporting, payroll services, administrative systems (software), attendance reporting, Local Control Funding Formula calculations, review of district audit reports, tax apportionments, and vendor payment audits. 



The Educational Services Division supports teacher quality, professional development, networking, curriculum, instruction, and assessment. Educational Services also coordinates Site Administrator meetings, Local Contro Accountability Plan (LCAP) support, and provides Differentiated Assistance to eligible Local Education Agencies (LEAs). Alternative Education, Adult Education, Smile Keeper, and the Foster Youth and Homeless youth Programs offer support and education options for students and schools in Tuolumne County, and student events create fun, enriching opportunities for students grades K-12 throughout the school year.



​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Executive Services Division supports the County Office, school districts, and other educational agencies. The division provides data and statistics, evaluation, research analysis, internal audit services, and planning and support services to TCSOS, school districts, and other agencies. Executive Services also serves as the point of contact for members of the public and strives to provide current information about the school and educational services available to the TCSOS educational community.



The Human Resources Department (HR) supports recruitment, interview, selection, employee and labor relations, workers’ compensation, benefits, administration, Title IX, and mandated training compliance. HR manages a substitute consortium providing qualified substitute teachers to Tuolumne County districts and charter schools. In addition, HR manages credential assignment monitoring, ensuring staff have valid credentials in Tuolumne County public schools. Livescan (fingerprinting) services are offered to all school districts and community members.



The TCSOS Special Education division provides various services that support students with disabilities from birth to age 22. Our primary mission is to serve all students in the least restrictive setting while supporting staff training in evidence-based teaching and support strategies. TCSOS partners with 11 school districts to ensure a full continuum of services is available as outlined in the Local Plan.



The Technology Services Division provides high-quality information technology, instructional technology, innovation, and telecommunications leadership to the districts of Tuolumne County. The group acts as a technology partner to the county's school districts and their schools, providing a range of services, from desktop support to complete network infrastructure design and implementation. TCSOS delivers high-speed, robust, reliable, filtered Internet Access to the K12 High-Speed Network via fiberoptic or wireless connections to nearly all public schools in the county. TCSOS Bell, TCSOS's integrated VoIP phone system, serves all eleven districts.