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External Business Services

External Business

Tuolumne County Superintendent of Schools office operates as an intermediate agency operating on behalf of the federal, state and county governments and provides financial services to districts that consistently and accurately track and review accounting and payroll functions for districts. In addition, the department reviews, approves and monitors all school district budgets as part of its fiscal oversight role. External Business services provides mandated or directed services and support; monitors and reviews accounting, budgeting, and payroll functions for the school districts within Tuolumne County such as:

  • Provide support to districts while also ensuring accuracy and consistency in meeting their legal fiscal requirements
  • Reviews, approves and monitors all school district budgets
  • Prepares accounting and reporting to State Teacher’s Retirement System, Public Employee’s Retirement System, and other payroll related agencies
  • Distributes districts’ revenue, and prepares and computes the state reports which generate the majority of schools districts’ revenue
  • Audits and processes all districts’ payments including payroll and vendor payments
  • Prepares and submits attendance reports

Business Meetings for Chief Business Officials

Every other month, the chief fiscal officers of the county office and school districts meet to address standing and evolving business issues. These meetings provide a forum for communication, collaboration and leadership on emerging opportunities, financial management practices, and operational issues that may impact business and administrative support services of local educational agencies. The group’s positive relationships, strong communications, and shared commitment have built a collaborative fiscal team that strengthens sound business and management practices to support the educational needs of Tuolumne County’s student population, provide students with progressive and engaging learning opportunities, and maximize resources for school districts and the county. Visit our Resources section on the Business Services home page to see meeting agendas and handouts.

Local Education Area (LEA) Services

The Fiscal Services unit provides fiscal oversight, support and training to school districts in Tuolumne County. We collaborate with districts and proactively provide guidance and support, working together to achieve fiscal solvency. TCSOS is responsible for reviewing budgets, interim reports, audits and disclosures of collective bargaining to ensure the 11 K-12 school districts in our county can meet their financial obligations and continue educating students. We strive to offer leadership, tools and training on complex fiscal topics to help maximize resources, build sound management and preserve fiscal health which supports progressive and engaging learning experiences throughout the community. LEA services staff provides assistance with: Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) calculations, cash flow projections and cash management, revenue projections, governmental accounting, budgeting, and financial reporting.

Student Data

The Student Data unit provides support to the county office and school districts to maintain and report daily attendance and longitudinal pupil data. Attendance accounting ensures that Tuolumne County’s diverse population of students meets California’s compulsory attendance law.  This unit submits attendance data that generates revenue for schools to ensure accurate allocation of state revenues. In addition, we coordinate and support submission of student-level data in the California Longitudinal Pupil Achievement Data System (CALPADS) including student demographics, course and program participation, enrollment, discipline and assessment data for state and federal reporting. Longitudinal data enables assessment of student achievement over time, pupil trends, and access to high quality data for local decision making.