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The SEED Program provides:

  1.  On-Site Consultation
  2.  Coaching
  3.  Teacher and Child Observations/Feedback 
  4.  Modeling Skills
  5.  Use of Ages and Stages- Social Emotional Questionnaires/Screening
  6.  Technical Assistance
  7.  Lending Library
  8.  Resources and Materials
  9.  Community Partner referrals
  10.  Professional Development Support
  11. Confidentiality

Services are available for all Tuolumne County early education programs and child care homes, serving ages 0-5 years. The Coordinator holds meetings with site teachers, staff, and providers to discuss options for working together and what supports and materials are available. Training and coaching will be focused on California Social-Emotional Foundations for Early Learning, the Teaching Pyramid (CSEFEL- TP) whose aim is to support and create high-quality learning engagements, environments, and relationships with children, staff, and families.  The Teaching Pyramid model is evidence-based, which means it has been proven to be effective in creating environments that achieve desired behaviors, social/emotional health, and school readiness skills. It is an inclusive model and is used for all children with varying developmental levels and needs. To support the implementation and achievement of new skills and strategies, the Coordinator works closely with staff and providers to develop a Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) each year and set goals on how to best reach them. The Coordinator may use modeling, video-taping, written or video observations in the coaching or training process. If there are concerns about a child’s development, the Coordinator can do child observations (parental consent required) and develop a report to share with teachers and caregivers. If a referral to Special Education is deemed appropriate, the Coordinator will make a referral.

** There are various types of early childhood education and child care programs in the community, such as ATCAA Head Start (Federal program), State Preschools (State Programs), Private Programs (commonly church based, privately owned and operated), Licensed Family Child Care homes (FCCH), and Family, Friends, and Neighbors (FFN). A program’s category will determine which regulations and policies they are legally required to follow. Many sites are rated at the state level, while some are not. The SEED Coordinator can support sites due for a rating, but does not conduct the official rating.

I own a home daycare and have been operating for approximately the last year. I have been working with Beth for the last 6 months or so on different ways I can improve my program and really help my littles be the best that they can be. I strongly feel that we have a responsibility to teach our young children even in the child care setting.  Beth has been an amazing asset in helping to create systems I am able to pair with existing ones and helping me (slowly) change my language and behavior pattern in order to help my kiddos the most. She has been introducing me to the Learning Pyramid and showing me what I am already doing well along with how I can make things better. She has printed, laminated, and created icons and schedules for me as well as lend me resources my kids adore!! I am excited to continue learning from Beth and hope to get much deeper into the Learning Pyramid.  This program has amazing potential and the ability to really further the children in our community. Thank you for making it a possibility.

Carrie MacDonaldv

Owner, Mrs. Mac's Lil Sprouts

For additional information or support, contact:

Beth Barnett
SEED Program Coordinator

Phone: 209-536-2067
Fax: 209-536-2003