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February 2023: Lilly Newquist

Feb 28, 2023

Lilly Newquist

February 2023

“Lilly is a shining star! She has shown motivation and focus that will take her far in life. She is fun, playful, and has a helpful, giving heart.” said Lilly’s teacher, Taylor Swaty. “Lilly often supports the younger students in class when they need encouragement or are struggling with an assignment, and this “big sister” role brings out the best in her. She is artistic, creative, and a loyal, caring friend. I am proud of her growth these past few months and enjoy being her teacher!”

Congratulations, Lilly!

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January 2023: Zack Clem

“Zack is a true asset to our class and community. His hard work and commitment to excellence serve as an inspiration to us all. I am constantly impressed by his ability to tackle any challenge that comes his way and his willingness to support those around him. He is a shining example of what it means to be a dedicated student and team player,” says Paul Nelson, Zack’s teacher.

December 2022: Tyler Wine

“Tyler Wine is a wonderful student who embodies the values of being accountable, respectful and engaged,” expresses teacher Bonnie Cozad. “He demonstrates responsibility across school settings and is always respectful to peers and teachers. He is committed to excellence and follows classroom and school rules. Tyler is a good friend to his classmates and never hesitates to offer a helping hand.”

November 2022: Ryan Thomas, Jr.

“Ryan is a delightful and fun person to be around. He has a beautiful and strong personality. Ryan brightens up the room daily with his infectious smile.” exclaims teacher Kim Flower. “Having Ryan at school is a highlight of my day! I look forward to seeing what he wants to share or include me daily at school.”

October 2022: Peyton Reese

“Peyton is a fantastic self-advocate and strong in her beliefs.” said teacher Addison Stafford. “She sets an excellent example for other students and helps lead circle time. Her giggle lights up the classroom. Peyton loves playing with others and has many friends at school.”