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February 2023: Lilly Newquist

Lilly Newquist

February 2023

“Lilly is a shining star! She has shown motivation and focus that will take her far in life. She is fun, playful, and has a helpful, giving heart.” said Lilly’s teacher, Taylor Swaty. “Lilly often supports the younger students in class when they need encouragement or are struggling with an assignment, and this “big sister” role brings out the best in her. She is artistic, creative, and a loyal, caring friend. I am proud of her growth these past few months and enjoy being her teacher!”

Congratulations, Lilly!

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Recent Student Spotlights

May 2024: Ryan Thomas

Ryan is a cheerful and friendly student who thrives in hands-on learning, enjoys outdoor activities, and engages with music. This year, he has shown remarkable growth, especially in math. Ryan also loves sensory activities like play-dough, sand, and sensory bins. His presence brings joy to the classroom and makes him a pleasure to have as a student!

April 2024: Benjamin King

Benjamin is a diligent and responsible student who sets a great example for his peers. He has a bright future ahead of him and aspires to serve his country by joining the U.S. Marine Corps after finishing high school. Benjamin is highly motivated and always strives to better himself through hard work and determination.

March 2024: Zane Jongeward

Zane brings a positive energy and brightens up his classroom with his contagious smile. His enthusiasm for learning is evident from his active participation in morning meetings to his excellent performance in fine motor tasks. A favorite among his activities is the joy of swinging, showcasing his love for engagement. His teacher, Rhonda Montano, shares, “Zane’s joyful spirit and eagerness to learn brighten every day, making him a remarkable presence in our classroom.”

February 2024: Connor Crosby

Connor has made exceptional strides this year in communication, self-regulation, and peer interactions. His teachers remarked, “Connor’s progress has been astounding. His improved ability to express himself, manage his emotions, and engage with peers impresses us. We’re proud and excited to see his continued growth.” This reflects the collective admiration for Connor’s achievements and the optimism for his future development.