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TCSOS Earns 6-Year WASC Accreditation

Mar 8, 2022

Due to the efforts of the TCSOS WASC team, the TCSOS WASC has been approved for six years with a mid-cycle visit. That is a fantastic achievement as it is one of the best accreditation statuses a school can achieve. The accreditation covers all TCSOS High School Programs.

WASC Team Members Included:

Lisa Rico, Troy Ashton, Brian Thomas, Stacy Wheat, Kylee Luchetti, Steve Barco, Mike Arndt, Bonnie Cozad, Jenny David, Margaret Detjens, Audrey Gentis, Jennifer Redford, Steven Piech, Ashley Champeaux, Jessica Carter, Alyssa Owens, Jason Sevier, Nena Bauman, Bethany Chambers, Rose Sartin, Laticia Judah, Kia Barrieau, Tricia Dunlap, Erika Hagstrom-Dossi, Rob Egger, Taylor Favela, and Trustees Feriani, Myers, and Littleton.

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