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2021-2022 Annual Report

Apr 11, 2022

TCSOS provides services and support to schools in Tuolumne County’s 11 school districts, teaching more than 5,800 students. TCSOS also serves the county’s most at-risk students and develops countywide programs to serve special student populations.

The Annual Report provides information about TCSOS and county school districts. It also highlights the achievements of extraordinary students and includes information about some of the ways the TCSOS, its programs, and its services are moving education forward in Tuolumne County.

View the report in the flipbook below or on our Annual Report website

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Mental Health Awareness Month

May is Mental Health Awareness Month! We invite students, educators, and families to take this opportunity to increase their awareness and understanding of mental health and its impact on overall health and wellness

April 2022: Shayla Nute

“Shayla’s cheerfulness, encouragement, and optimism are contagious and help create and maintain a positive classroom environment. She is respectful toward the teachers and her peers.” said teacher Steven Piech. “Shayla is very outgoing and a pleasure to have at school. She works diligently on her school assignments, always putting forth her best effort”.

March 2022: Mia Mastro

“Mia is a wonderful student, and we are very proud of her hard work this month! She is a fantastic and supportive friend to her classmates, empathizing with them when they are struggling and often trying to help teach others how to play chess,” said teacher Paul Nelson. “Mia is doing a great job with her academics and behavior, working hard and using the skills and strategies we are teaching in the classroom!”

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