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Tuolumne County Digital Photography Contest

Capture the

Essence of Tuolumne

Discover, Click, and Share: Calling on students grades 5-12 in Tuolumne County! Grab your cameras and embark on a photographic journey to capture the essence of our beautiful County. Whether it’s the spirit of adventure, the serenity of nature, or the heartbeat of our communities, this contest is a platform for you to showcase your creativity and unique perspectives.

Explore and Learn: As students and educators, every photo you take is a story you tell and a lesson you learn. From landscapes to local events, let your lens capture the learning and joy in every moment.

Join Our Educational Adventure: This contest is more than just photography – it celebrates learning, exploration, and community. Bring your classroom lessons to life through your camera and share your vision of Tuolumne County.

It’s time to focus your lenses and capture the stories that make Tuolumne County unique. Join us on this exciting educational journey!

2024 Contest Winners Announced

We are thrilled to unveil the winners of this year’s Photography Contest. Each participant brought their unique vision to life, capturing the essence of our themes with creativity and technical skill.

Tuolumne County Digital Photography Contest Submission Deadline

February 23, 2024 @ 11:59 p.m.

Event Contact

Diana Harford

Contest Categories

Discover the variety of categories in our contest, each offering a unique perspective of Tuolumne County and beyond

Contest Rules

Essential guidelines to ensure your participation is smooth and your submissions are eligible



The Tuolumne County Digital Photography Contest takes pride in acknowledging the exceptional talents of students in three divisions: Elementary (Grades 5 and 6), Middle School (Grades 7 and 8), and High School (Grades 9-12). Our aim is to celebrate the creativity and vision of young photographers in our community. Below is the list of winners and honorable mentions of the 2024 contest.



Choose from various categories to showcase your creativity. Capture the beauty of ‘Nature’ or the excitement of ‘Sports’. Portray ‘Portraits’, ‘Animals’, ‘Beyond Tuolumne County’, or ‘CaliforniaStreaming Category’. Show your perspective and get inspired!

  • Nature: Capture nature’s beauty and wonder in Tuolumne County and beyond. This category can include landscapes, wildlife, and plant life.
  • Community Where I Live: Showcase the unique aspects of the local community within Tuolumne County. It might involve photos of landmarks, events, or people that define our community.
  • Animals: Focus on the animal kingdom, including pets, wildlife, and farm animals. It’s an opportunity to celebrate the diverse fauna of the region.
  • Portrait (Family & Friends): Capture the people who make up the community. It can include portraits of family members, friends, and neighbors, showcasing human connections.
  • Sports: Action shots and sports-related photographs highlighting the athleticism and energy of local sports and outdoor activities.
  • Beyond Tuolumne County: Capture the essence and beauty of places, people, and experiences outside Tuolumne Count and perspectives from a wider world.
  • CaliforniaStreaming Category: For students wishing to participate in the Statewide CaliforniaStreaming Photo Contest, teachers may also submit student work directly on the CaliforniaStreaming Website. This year’s theme is “Adventure.” An additional entry form and a brief essay or expanded caption are required for the CaliforniaStreaming Contest.



Guidelines & Rules

  • Students in grades 5-12 from Tuolumne County public and participating private schools are eligible.
  • Photographs (and any editing) must be the original work of the individual receiving credit.
  • An entry can be edited to include multiple photographs, but all photographs must be the original work of the individual receiving credit.
  • Text and other graphical elements added to a photograph must be the original work of the individual receiving credit. Please remember this is a photography contest, so text and visual elements should not detract from the photograph.
  • Photographs must be submitted by the student’s parent/guardian, who verifies by submission that the work is ORIGINAL, not copies of published photographs or photographs taken by non-eligible individuals.
  • Students may submit one photograph but may enter it into multiple categories.
  • Photographs must meet the submission deadline.
  • Photographs that are submitted give TCSOS the right to use in print and digital materials and to share on the TCSOS website and print media.