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Week of Inspirational Math

Week of

Inspirational Math

A week to focus on building a positive math community in your classroom.

The Week of Inspirational Math (WIM) is inspired by the work of Dr. Jo Boaler and Cathy Williams of Stanford University. This week of activities is meant to be a welcoming, inclusive beginning to the school year in the math classroom. As such, we recommend scheduling these activities as early in the school year as possible, preferably before beginning your core math curriculum.

“Starting to build thinking classrooms with non-curricular tasks is imperative…All of these qualities [willingness to try, perseverance, and confidence] are easier to build inside of highly engaging non-curricular tasks and are necessary when we transition students to curricular thinking tasks.”

Peter Liljedahl

Building Thinking Classrooms in Mathematics: K-12

Week of Inspirational Math

August 28 – September 1, 2023

Event Contact

Kia Barrieau

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Editable Slides

For Each Grade Band

Click on the links below to generate a copy of the Google Slide suitable for your grade level. Alternatively, you can create your own playlist by visiting


TK - 2nd Lessons

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TK-2 Google Slide Lessons

3rd - 5th Lessons

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3-5 Google Slide Lessons

6th - 8th Lessons

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6-8 Google Slide Lessons

9th - 12th Lessons

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9-12 Google Slide Lessons